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Peer tutors from across the continent can connect with each other to improve the peer tutoring programs in their schools.


Kelly Curtis is the President of Empowering Youth, and author of Empowering Youth: How to Encourage Young Leaders to Do Great Things. Her experience as a school counselor and leader in promoting the asset approach is the basis for the practical educational products offered in the company today.

She also provides consulting services to schools and organizations on empowering youth, peer tutoring and integrating the asset approach.

She lives with her family in Northwestern Wisconsin, where her husband Wayne Whitwam provides consulting and field testing in his position as a school principal. She writes regularly on her Weblog, Pass the Torch.

Our Company

Empowering Youth is a company committed to providing quality, effective, hands-on products for educators and others who work with youth. The products are designed by seasoned educators and field tested so that customers have a successful experience with each use.

Empowering Youth products have been sold internationally and our consulting services have taken us throughout the United States.

Our products integrate the 40 Developmental Assets to teach youth and adults about how to build on strengths. This positive focus is a preventative, healthy way to communicate with youth and is based on years of research.

Young people have amazing capabilities if they are empowered and given the opportunity to shine. For more information on the 40 Developmental Assets, please visit Search Institute's website at www.search-institute.org.