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1. How long does it take to complete the game?
Although time varies depending upon the number of players and the amount of discussion generated, the game is designed to be completed with in 50 minutes for the 7-12 grade level and 30 minutes for grades 3-6. Reading ability can vary the time it takes as well.

2. How many students can play the game at once?
Two to six players. If more students would be playing the game at the same time, players can double up on pawns in a pinch, but it would be wiser to purchase the classroom set of 5. The classroom set accommodates up to 30 players.

3. Are the grades 7-12 game cards really appropriate for 7th graders?
The cards are designed for that age group, but the facilitator has control over which game cards are used. Because some of the risk cards are hard-hitters, a facilitator may choose to remove certain cards for a certain age group. And card sets for grades 3-6 and 7-12 are included in the same packaging, so facilitators may choose to use the lower grade level game set with certain 7th grade groups of players.

4. How is the game packaged?
The quadfold game board folds out to 16"x20" and is stored in a clear vinyl stringfolder. All the game pieces and instructional material fit into the folder as well. The Classroom set has five complete game sets in one box.

5. What is the difference between the Hidden Treasure of Assets Game™ and the Classroom Set?
The Classroom set is five complete games packaged into a slightly larger box. The set is a useful tool for larger groups as it accommodates up to 30 players.

6. Can players play the game more than once?
Absolutely! The game discussion and outcome can change dramatically each time the game is played because of the players and the cards drawn.

Order it Now! - Single game - $49.95
Order it Now! - Classroom set - $199.95* - (Classroom set comes with five complete games in one box. If you require individually packaged games, please make this request on your order.)

* Special offer - FREE Level II set with any Hidden Treasure of Assets Classroom Set! Just mention this on your order!

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