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The Career Expedition Board Game™ includes:
  • Quad-fold game board - View
  • Discovery cards - View Cards
  • Navigation cards - View Cards
  • Playing pieces, tokens and die
  • Directions and discussion questions
  • Discovery log and definitions - View
  • Compact storage pouch - View
Order it Now! - Single game - $49.95

Order it Now! - Classroom Set - $199.95 - (Classroom set comes with five complete games in one box. If you require individual packaging, please make this request on your order.)

Detailed Information:

Make learning fun! This educational interactive board game generates the discussion critical in career decision-making. It's the perfect tool for school counselors using the ASCA model, as well as special education instructors and career education teachers. Career Expedition is the game you will use throughout the year to encourage youth to discover the keys to their personal career planning process.

Players read realistic examples of choices young people make during the career preparation process, experiencing in the game the consequences of those choices. And Discovery Cards guide youth through their personal career planning process, ultimately completing a log of interests, aptitudes, values and work preferences.

In this unique educational board game the final product for each player, regardless of who wins, is a written individual profile to be included in a career portfolio, shared during parent conferencing, or used with other career guidance materials.
  • Perfect fit for counselors transitioning to new ASCA Model.
  • Meets American School Counselor Association National Standards for Career Development.
  • Each game is designed for 2-6 middle school or high school players.
  • Classroom sets of 5 complete games in one box are also available to facilitate up to 30 players at once.
More Information:

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