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Peer tutors from across the continent can connect with each other to improve the peer tutoring programs in their schools.

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About our consultant:

Kelly Curtis is the founder of Empowering Youth, and author of Empowering Youth: How to Encourage Young Leaders to Do Great Things.

She consults on a regional, state and national level and also provides guidance to individual school districts needing support in empowering youth and starting a peer tutoring program. She also helps schools learn how to integrate the 40 Developmental Assets into curriculum, Safe and Drug Free Schools programming, AODA prevention and youth programs.

As a school counselor, she has initiated programs which use youth as resources and promoted the asset approach, gaining national recognition with other educators and asset-builders in Search Institute's book, Great Places to Learn, the video You Have to Live It and Asset Magazine.

Her professional speaking engagements have included regional, state and national conferences, including the Healthy Communities/Healthy Youth Conference, American School Counselor's Association, Wisconsin School Counselor's Association, Community Education Director's Association, and Northwest Wisconsin Education Association. She also regularly facilitates trainings for individual school districts, regional consortiums and community organizations.

Why hire Empowering Youth?
  • Conferences
  • Staff development
  • Student training
What are the benefits?
  • Youth empowerment
  • Increased test scores, by utilizing peer tutors
  • Developmental asset integration
  • Prevention focus makes funding possible through Safe and Drug Free Schools
    and other grants
Will this fit my needs?
  • YES!!!
  • Each training is designed to fit the needs of the district or organization
  • Hands-on, practical ideas and information
  • Engaging and participatory presentation style
  • Consultation costs begin at $750 plus travel
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