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Peer tutors from across the continent can connect with each other to improve the peer tutoring programs in their schools.

1. Can Empowering Youth help our school to interpret the Search survey?
Yes, Empowering Youth consultants can tailor a presentation according to your needs, including the Search data you have obtained.

2. Can Empowering Youth consultants travel to our school?
Yes, our consultants can travel to most locations, although the travel expense is entirely the responsibility of the organization hiring us. Consultation fees begin at $750 plus travel for approximately 1/2 day of training, but this fee is based on 6 hours or less of round-trip travel.

3. Can Empowering Youth consultants facilitate the S.P.A.R.K. Peer Tutor Training for my school tutoring program?

4. To what populations does Empowering Youth generally present?
Empowering Youth consultants can tailor a presentation that is effective for nearly any population. Our consultants have spoken at professional conferences, as faculty inservice keynotes, during community Search survey results meetings, to youth leaders and to small groups of educators with specific consultation needs.

5. To how large an audience can Empowering Youth speakers present?
Because of the participatory and interactive style used, it is most effective for audience members to be seated in table groups. Depending upon the facilities, Empowering Youth consultants can comfortably speak to up to 200 participants, but a group of 30-50 is ideal.

6. How do schools pay for Empowering Youth consulting services?
Most schools have staff development budgets that are used to hire people to train staff, but each school district is different, so it is helpful to bring an administrator into the discussion. Because of the preventative and research-based nature of Empowering Youth consulting, our services typically fit the requirements for use of Safe and Drug Free Schools dollars, as well as other grant funding.

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