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Empowering Youth - An Exercise in Perspective - May 2002

A common structure throughout the country is the screened-in porch. In the Midwest, our summers are wonderful, but also plagued by everyone's favorite pest, the mosquito. Mosquitoes are opportunistic creatures that can always seem to find even the smallest hole in order to venture into our homes.

Here is an exercise in perspective. As people looking out of the porch, we see a screened barrier of tightly woven wire, but imagine yourself as the tiny mosquito. Even the most insignificant hole can serve as a huge portal into the comforts of home.

Which to you see? The screen, or the hole?

As we grow older, we gain experiences and learn valuable information about the world. Each piece of learning weaves a part of the screen, providing a realistic look at what can and cannot happen. It is vital that our society has people who see the screen.

Likewise, our society needs those who see the hole, the possibilities, who don't get sidetracked by why something won't work. These idealists are often the catalysts for change.

The inexperience of youth sometimes makes it more possible to see the hole in the screen - what can happen - rather that what cannot. It is the empowered young person that can use this unique ability to make a positive impact on our community. And it is the wise adult who listens to this perspective and works together with youth to discover a possible solution.

We must face the future hand in hand, those who see each side of the screen, for as someone once said, "If we believe youth are our future, we are procrastinating."

Empowering Youth - An Exercise in Perspective
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