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Peer tutors from across the continent can connect with each other to improve the peer tutoring programs in their schools.

The SPARK Peer Tutoring Handbook® has:
  • Four hour training curriculum
  • Reproducible forms
  • Activity card sets - View Sample
  • Disk with presentation and PDF files
  • Study skills brochures
  • Sample grant application
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Handbook and Training Manual® - $119.95

UPDATE - Research Shows SPARK Peer Tutoring Promotes Emotional Intelligence!

In independent research done by Sandy Gobler at Viterbo University, it was found that SPARK Peer Tutors increased in four of the five emotional intelligence attributes over a 26 week period of time.

This data is significant in that there is already federal support for tutoring programs through the No Child Left Behind Act. This research validates the importance of the tutoring process for both the student and the tutor. Download PDF and find out more...

Detailed Information:

The SPARK Peer Tutoring Handbook and Training Manual® is a field-tested curriculum "kit" designed to help high school and middle school peer tutoring programs and advisors.

The lessons, discussions and activities make up a four-hour training curriculum that benefits both new and well-established peer tutoring programs. After completing the training, peer tutors are better prepared to handle the situations that they will face as they serve their school in a tutoring role.
  • Binder includes 55 pages of text, disk with presentation and PDF files, reproducible forms, study skills brochures and activity card sets in an appealing, complete, easy to use manual.

  • Created by the advisor of a successful high school peer tutoring program and its design helps advisors support a strong peer tutoring program with minimal effort.

  • The training offers tutors multiple opportunities to build on their interpersonal communication skills, as well as their academic skills. SPARK is an acronym for Supportive Peers As Resources for Knowledge.

  • Curriculum integrates the research-based 40 Developmental Assets, which help youth to reach their full potential.

  • The peer tutoring process strengthens skills in the tutor and helps students facing academic challenges to meet benchmarks and increase knowledge and understanding of the curriculum.

  • "No Child Left Behind" federal reform includes Title One programming that will provide for low performing students to receive tutoring.
National recognition:

SPARK received national recognition in the book Great Places to Learn, Asset magazine, and the video "You Have to Live It."

The SPARK Peer Tutoring Handbook and Training Manual® also received a professional review in the Peer Facilitator Quarterly, the official publication of the National Peer Helper's Association. To read this review click here.

More Information:

For information about hiring an Empowering Youth consultant to conduct a SPARK training for your tutors, click here.

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